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 ABOUT:  Truth in Life (Adult Coed) Interactive Bible Study

Facilitator & Instructor: Apostle Ramona Haswell Contact:

General Information:  The PURPOSE of this Truth-in-Life MEMBERS ONLY Bible Study Group is to help Christians find solutions in the Word of God in their everyday life - to Strengthen them that they may be able to as they stand in their Authority, purposed in the plan of God to for their lives to withstand and fight the good fight of faith; go into all the world to preach the gospel with signs following (according to Mark 16:15-18) and be an example of Jesus Christ in the eyes of all that they may come in contact with so that they may be able to, by example, bring others to salvation in Jesus Christ.

MISSION:  To provide (feed) the meat of the word to all that come to dine that they may become effectual fervent warriors in prayer who shall avail much.

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By phone: (724) 444-7444 Access Code: 114379# Pin: 1#
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Your Facilitator & Teacher: Apostle Ramona Haswell

Bring you bibles, pen and paper and download the Student Syllabus  from our "Study Materials Page" available on our Website or purchase the associated Work Book. (You must now be a member of the site to access the page).

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Your Holy Bible

Make sure to bring your Bible to every session so that you may follow along with the facilitator so that you may see the truth (of the word) for yourself.

Additional Selections

Apostle Ramona may occasionally refer to the Eth Cepher, the Apocrypha, the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, Bible Dictionary.

Well, we are back on a roll with our Truth in Life  Bible Study - Word of YAH Speaks!

Apostle Ramona has been teaching on the subject of Eschatology (end time) this 2018.

You can benefit from these teachings by joining our Talkshoe Teleconference line each Thursday evening at 4:00 p.m. (PST) by dialing (724) 444-7444, Access Code 114379, Pin 1#.

Take this last week in April to catch up with us by downloading and listening to our past podcasts:

04/05/2018     The 1st Advent Ordinances, Pt. 2
03/29/2018     The 1st Advent Ordinances, Pt. 1
03/22/2018     The Tithe - Pt. 2
03/08/2018     The Tithe - Pt. 1
03/01/2018     New Wine Skin
02/22/2018     The Seal of Covenant
02/15/2018     Introduction to this Bible Study

Apostle Ramona is teaching these studies coming out of her latest book, still yet to be released, "Teshuvah:  Return to Me" along with the Eth Cepher and the Apocrypha Book.

Our 2018 Resolution

December 30, 2017

This New Year, 2018 should draw the Body of Yeshua even closer in obedience to the Almighty God, YAHUAH.

Let this year bring us in observing covenant practices of Leviticus 23, His statutes, His covenant, putting away pagan ideologies and traditions of man.

Our 2018 Resolution, here at Truth in Life - Word of YAH Speak, a subsidiary of Angel-heart Garrison Ministries, is to draw our focus solely on preparing our hearts and minds to come into alignment with the total Will of the Father, YAH, in this end time hour, for Yeshua is soon to return.


 Unscramble your life with the

Truth of the Word.

Let the Word of God be the Final Word regarding your situation, circumstance or petition.

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and get the the Word of God first hand through our Bible Studies, Conferences, Workshops

"The Real Battlefield" Series

Get ready to study on The Real Battlefield, as Apostle Ramona Haswell facilitates this new Bible Study series on a new night, every Thursday evening, beginning February 20, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. (pst).

If you are ready to get out of your hamster cage and get in the real battlefield, join us!

This month we will meet at:


Panera Bread Restaurant

401 Vista Village Drive

Vista, CA

Come prepared to feed on the Word of God as well as a sandwich, soup or dessert at Panera Bread.

Or you may also interact live via Talkshoe.

To Join this call by phone:

dial (724) 444-7444, Access Code: 114379#

by computer: Follow this link:

Go to: 

and pick up a copy of "The Real Battlefield, The Workbook" (c) 2014 

by Apostle Ramona Haswell.

Truth-in-Life is Going "Live" in July 2013


Our next Truth-in-Life Bible Study is as we begin again, ...... our

"Hindrances to Prayer" Bible Study Series with Kingdom Word Ministries of San Diego, California.



We are "Live & Interactive" via Talkshoe Teleconference.  Or, come out and join us at:

Panera Bread Restaurant

5620 Balboa Avenue

Clairemont, California


Email us at: for a copy of the syllabus!


To Join this call by phone:

dial (724) 444-7444, Access Code:  114379#

by computer:  Follow this link:

each Wednesday evening in June, July & August, 2013, at:  6:45 p.m. (pst)


Our 2011 Bible Study Series Outline

Series 3 - "The Holiest of All"

November 2011 - 2012 

Have you read any good books lately?

Well, our last series on “The Tabernacle Prayer Plan” has led us to the New Testament Book of Hebrews where we will be comparing the laws, rules and rituals of the Old Testament, with the New Testament Christian perspective from ‘behind the Veil’.

Looking forward to beginning this new series on the 2nd Friday in November 2011, with this fresh new series, “The Holiest of All”, by Andrew Murray.

Pick up your copy and start reading and get ahead of the study as we interact - discussing the New Testament Book of Hebrews through the eyes of Andrew Murray.

Find these recordings at:


Series 2 - "The Tabernacle Prayer Plan"

July 2011 - October 2011

Walk with us from the Outer Court, to the Inner Court, the Holy of Holies (behind the Veil) as we compare the Patterns & Shadows of things to come depicted in the  Original Blueprint of Prayer given by God to Moses found in the key scriptures in the Old Testament Book of Exodus Chapter 25.

Find these previous recordings at:



Series 1 -  "Fasting & Prayer"

March 2011 - June 2011

Join with us as we study "How To Fast"; the Reasons, Purpose & the Results of Fasting in this series on Fasting & Prayer.

Find these previous recordings at: 



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