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"A Missionary & Deliverance Ministry & A Lighthouse of Prayer"




“We are a source of outreach and an extension of God's hope and love as we serve in the Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.”



I’d like to introduce you to our recently appointed Missions Coordinator, Kenya Milton.  She is the daughter and armor bearer of Angel-heart Garrison Ministries Founder.  Already an Evangelist with the ministry, as well the VP/CFO, and Board Member, as her mother,  her heart also leans toward prayer.  She is also a member of the Angel-heart Garrison Ministries  Shamar Prayer Warrior team. 


In her gifts of administration, faith, prophecy and healing; her government mandates are to Evangelism and Missions.  And she has already hit the ground running in the area of Missions!! 


First, she selected our new Missions trademark Angel Wings and wrote our Mission Statement (from Angel-heart Garrison Ministries Vision Statement) and put them immediately into effect by designing ‘thank yous’ in line with this statement, prepared for distribution to our 2017 volunteers and donors.


In the 4th Quarter of 2016 she pulled Angel-heart Garrison Ministries up in the running to the front of the line as she introduced this ministry to new partners that we now serve along side.  We’ll speak to that more in one of the sections below.


She has brought our Missions Department into the 21st Century by establishing accounts where the Mission can work independently of the Ministry and carry it’s own load as she solicits outside/public donations in finances and gifts.  


She has managed to amass the services of a whole new dynamic of volunteers.


She is one of the Administrators that you will notice working efficiently on Angel-heart Garrison Ministries Facebook page, continually updating you on the progress of the Samaritan Angel Projects that are ongoing.


She also has committed our Samaritan Angels to serve one or more of these partners on a regular basis in an affordable manner that we have selected.  So we hope you will encourage her by volunteering to work alongside her beginning this 2017.  If you are indeed interested in volunteering to work as a Samaritan Angel, please contact our new Missions Coordinator, Kenya Milton at:


Today, I introduce you to our Missions Coordinator, but future messages will be coming directly from the Office of the Missions Coordinator, on this site.


Grace & Peace,

Apostle Ramona Haswell



2016 was just the start of fulfilling God's call of this ministry's Samaritan Angel Project (SAP) Missionary outreach.  And we were amazingly blessed with volunteers and donations that turned our mission statement into action.

We are only scratching the surface in how we will continue to be "a resource of outreach and an extension of God's hope and love as we serve in the Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ."

As Mission's Coordinator, I am already putting together our missions and outreach calendar for 2017 in which we pledge to serve domestically and/or internationally on a monthly basis.

If you want to be a part of this amazing call on this ministry and help be the hands and feet of Jesus as a Samaritan Angel Project (SAP) volunteer or sponsor, let us know on our Facebook Page or e-mail our ministry:

Kenya Milton,

Missions Coordinator


Angel-heart Garrison Ministries is a non-profit 501(c)3, religious, charitable organization.  That means that your donation of any size is tax exempt.

No gift is too small.


No gift is too large.  

We recently suggested to you that you donate gift cards of any increment.  This gift would avail the recipient the opportunity to be able to make purchases to assist their current needs in their households.  And of course, cash/checks/money orders OR online donations, are always welcome.


If you will donate a gift to any of our causes below, 100% of your donation (designated to Missions SAP) will go to supply the needs.  Please ensure to note “Samaritan Angel Project” or “SAP” in the comments section when making your donation(s).


If making your online donation by PayPal, go to and please send your donation to:


If making your online donation by Chase Quick Pay, go to and please send your donation to:


If making your donation by check or money order (please do not send cash), please mail to:


Angel-heart Garrison Ministries

P.O. Box 4641

Oceanside, CA  92052-4641


God bless you for being a Samaritan Angel.



I would like to personally thank each of you who blessed Angel-heart Garrison Ministries [a 501(c)3 Non-profit Religious Charitable Org in San Diego County, CA] as I celebrated my 60th Birthday by donating to our Samaritan Angel SAP) Mission through which we assist those in need.

This check was received by mail today and was delivered to our Missions Coordinator for deposit to our Missions Bank Account.

If you missed this birthday opportunity and would still like to make a donation, you may still do so through Chase Quick Pay Zelle or PayPal, to our email: or, send your check or money order to:

Angel-heart Garrison Ministries
P.O. Box 4641
Oceanside, CA 92052-4641

Your donations are welcome any time. Just remember to write SAP Missions in the comments to ensure your donation is designated.

I also invite you to "view" our Samaritan Angel Project Missions Page to see how we partner with other non profits to make a greater difference.

Again, thank you so much for your demonstration of love to me as I celebrated 60 years on this earth as I continue to serve the Will of the Father! Every little bit helps us help someone else.

Grace & Peace,
Apostle Ramona


Prayers and Helping Hands Extended to

Our Soldiers


Those with Urgent Needs


The Indigent, homeless, helpless


New Mothers




Single Parents in need of a Helping Hand



et al

We Support Our Troops - South Korea:  Charlie Company, 91st EnBn

Touching those in Need

Local Assistance - Teen Challenge


Calicinto Ranch,

San Jacinto, CA

Focus:  Children of the Imprisoned


Volunteering Our Services - Thanksgiving 2016

Casa de Amparo

San Marcos, CA

Focus:  Foster Home for Abused & Neglected Children


Filling the Needs.

North County

Sober Living Facilities

Vista, CA

Focus:  Adults who are celebrating sober lives

Providing Meals, Food & Essentials During Transition

Solutions for Change

Vista, CA

Focus:  Homeless Families

Touching Hearts & Lives.


Mission:  Feed the Hungry


Until such time as a physical location is acquired, we currently distribute Gift Cards from local stores and restaurants where the hungry can get a fast meal.

Deliver food (sandwiches/soup/salads) via Ministry Van/truck to parks, etc. where homeless frequent.

Acquire a physical location, complete with kitchen, where (Angels Kitchen may serve) complete hot meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner) in a diner like setting to the hungry (no questions asked).  Complete with:

  • Talkshoe Teleconferences playing over the intercom
  • or Church TV can be playing on the overhead tv screens
  • And take a sandwich with them when they go

To help support the financial obligations of this vision, we will occasionally:

  • Sell Baked Goods:  Cakes, Pies
  • Sell Fried Fish and Chicken Dinners




Partner with Other 501(c)3 Recipients:

A source for donations of Ministry furniture, equipment, clothing, etc.

[Please refer to our Partners:  Those Whom We Serve (above)]



  • Provide Helmets to those (individual and groups) in Sensitive Areas subjected to tornadic weather.


Overnight Shelter - Become the Shelter in a Storm (Tornado, Hurricane, Earthquake, etc.)



We currently counsel and pray with prisoners who call on Angel-heart Garrison Ministries for assistance.

We also support them with finances to assist with their needs for medicine and general supplies.

And through one of our local partners, we offer our services to their children and family support system.



Pray for Our Troops

Partner W/Wounded Soldiers

Partner W/Wounded Marines Fund

Send troop packages of hygiene kits, food and snacks (on occasions, gifts)



Clothing Distribution


Angel-heart Garrison Ministries has been collecting items to distribute according to the need of new parents, single parents, the less fortunate, those that need a help up with furniture and clothing.  

We currently store these items in a storage facility but have a need for temporary warehousing and processing of these items.  

Volunteers are greatfully appreciated to assist in areas of warehousing, processing and containing of these items as they are prepared for distribution.

If you have personal items and clothing that you would like to donate to Angel-heart Garrison Ministries, please email us for pickup or refer to our "contact us" page if you would like to send a donation. 

If you would like to send a financial donation, please press the PayPal button on this page.  Thank you!


Food Distribution Center

God has placed in our hearts a strong desire in the Vision to feed the hungry.

We are also in need of donations of mid-sized delivery trucks for local deliveries and pickups; and tractor trailer trucks (big rigs) for inter-state and nation-wide deliveries through our ministry partners.


Our vision is to until we establish a food truck/food kitchen, to feed the homeless on the streets; however, Angel-heart Garrison Ministries Plans including a Community Garden and Food Distribution Center complete with a Food Pantry as well.

Our current Building Project includes also having a Soup Kitchen available to provide complete meals, daily to the needy.

We anticipate also distributing clothing to the needy.

Help us to meet this vision(s) by making a donation today.


Thrift Store

Our Goal: A fully functional Thrift Store.

Angel-heart Garrison Ministries can now focus on receiving your donations of clothing, jewelry, electronics, kitchenware, other housing goods & furnishings to be distributed through our Thrift Store we expect to be established in the very near future.

We are also in need of donations of mid-sized delivery trucks for local deliveries and pickups.  At this time, we envision receiving at least 2 mid-sized delivery trucks.


Please email Angel-heart Garrison Ministries for more details at:



Angel-heart Garrison Ministries' overall Vision for the Missionary Outreach Ministry includes the purchase of buildings, structures, trailers for warehousing, emergency/temporary housing and establishing offices, training centers, food kitchens, and distribution centers on this property.

We are also in need of donations of mid-sized delivery trucks for local deliveries and pickups; and tractor trailer trucks (big rigs) to transport these items to our facilities.

Will you help Angel-heart Garrison Ministries fulfill this Vision?

Your donation of any size can help plant Angel-heart Garrison Ministries on a foundation of financial stability as we extend the hand of God to those in need.



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