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I feel that I have neglected our Truth-in-Life Bible Study “Word of God Speak” Group and those interested in the Leadership Series as I have been recovering from 2 heart attacks and a few follow-up procedures this year.   First, I’d like to apologize to you for abruptly stopping the Bible Study and Leadership series that I started earlier this year as I share with you that in May 2014, I experienced a mild cardio infarction that prompted a hospital stay and intense tests revealing that, without my knowledge, I had previously experienced a more major heart attack earlier this same year, leaving my heart damaged and in distress. 

Although I kept this from the public, our Angel-heart Garrison Ministries’ Shamar Prayer Team was and still is keeping me covered in prayer.  And I ask you also, to keep me in your prayers as well, for a full recovery.

I’ve been through some things and as I am coming out, I am excited to say that as I am recovering (although I continue to get winded when I speak), my desire to step up again in teaching, ministering via teleconferencing, accepting invitations to speak, book signings, etc. is renewed.   In the meantime, I have started and am in the process of publishing a few new books on Leadership and Prayer that will be released beginning November 15, 2014.  [Please connect with me on my Author Ramona Haswell website to partake of the special discounts that I offer for my books from this site:].

Because I appreciate you, and your dedication to Angel-heart Garrison Ministries, me and/or this site, coming here and anticipating a Word of encouragement, direction or instruction, waiting patiently; I would like to share with you in particular, here on this Truth-in-Life Group page, as I continue in my personal studies in the New Testament Book of Romans.   It is my hope to come here intermittently in the Mantle of the Teacher and share a brief “Study in the Word”, at this time, from the Book of Romans as this is where I am in my personal devotions at this time.  As I continue my recovery from home through the end of this year, I invite you to walk with me intermittently in a  Study in the Word .

Grace & Peace,

Apostle Ramona Haswell

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