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Part Time Position(s) Open

Church Secretary

Angel-heart Garrison Ministries is seeking a local Church Secretary in the Oceanside, CA area.  If you need a part time job, paying minimum wage; please contact us at:  [email protected] for an application.  Must be willing to relocate.

Job Description: 

Position requires that the Church Secretary assist the Apostle with the Administrative functions/tasks of her Ministry including handling the daily and weekly repetitive secretarial tasks of the ministry which include but are not limited to:


-Typing and disseminating correspondenc

-Professional Telephone Etiquette 

-Ordering/Purchasing & stocking office & ministry supplies (online & in stores)

-Mathematically inclined to work in sales 

Additional details:  Of the many qualifications, you must be MORE THAN COMPUTER LITERATE in Word & Excel extensively, PROFICIENT, ORGANIZED, in all areas of administration of an office.

-Must be trustworthy to keep confidences.

-Must have the ability to work directly with the Apostle with minimal Supervision; in the church office, on Conference/Workshop site(s) as well as from your own home.

-Must be able to type at least 70 wpm.

-Must own a computer, ipad and phone; and be able to communicate virtually from home. 

-Must have the flair to communicate with others on a professional and spiritual level. 

-Must be at least, a High School Graduate; with a clear understanding of English in written and spoken language and have a minimum high school Geometry level of understanding in the study of Math.

-Must be able to operate under pressure and keep up with the administrative tasks. 

-Description may change without notice.

Application End Date:  June 15, 2015 

Only the qualified need apply.

We Need Volunteers!


Angel-heart Garrison Ministries is seeking to fill the following positions, IMMEDIATELY!




Angel-heart Garrison Ministries is preparing for our 2nd Annual Prayer Warrior's Conference in September, 2015 and Apostle Haswell will be hosting her 1st Annual Leadership Conference & Workshop in May, 2016 and is currently developing her Team which includes a Volunteer Staff to work as hosts/hostesses, greeters, prayer warriors, ushers, parking lot attendees, equipment movers, etc.

This is a Clarion Call out to Shamar & Intercessory Prayer Warriors.  If you know how to pray or want to learn how to pray, you are invited to contact me directly to be included as one of our Warriors.   If you are interested, please call me or email me at [email protected]

We are also seeking a Webmaster to maintain our website and possibly our Facebook pages, helping us to stay up with the latest interactive devices (i.e., email, Constant Contact, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Talkshoe Teleconference) and making necessary updates, also carrying our event notices which sometimes comes through Eventbrite, Constant Contact and other internet vehicles.  If you know of someone who could assist us at least one day a week, please have them contact our office (619) 752-7072 or email: [email protected].

We are also looking for someone to handle our Resource Library.  It is growing and we are behind on the cataloging, production and labeling of our CD’s.  If you know of someone who would like to volunteer for this assignment, the Lord will surely bless them in deed.


There are a few Volunteer positions open currently for those of you who would like to volunteer in the virtual capacity with Angel-heart Garrison Ministries . 


If you are interested, please email your email address to [email protected].  And you will receive the details regarding the requirements to meet the qualifications of the position of your selection.


You would be assisting the work of this Ministry greatly by assisting the Apostle in either of these capacities.

Church & Conference Musicians

Angel-heart Garrison Ministries is seeking musicians:

Worship Leader

Keyboard player




for our worship services.

If you are interested or know someone else in the San Diego area who may be interested, please email your interest to: [email protected]

Virtual Administrators Needed

MAIN PURPOSE:    (Why you are needed)

The main purpose of our Virtual Administrator is to “Maintain the Virtual Wall of  Angel-heart Garrison Ministries’ to protect the vision, mission, objectives and goals that God has purposed in the Plan for this Ministry” in particular, by ensuring that all breaches are shored up.


(1) In addition to the Virtual Administrator that we currently have administering our Angel-heart Garrison Ministries FaceBook Page, we are seeking to fill 2 additional positions;


(2) Three (3) Virtual Administrators are needed for our Truth in Life Bible Study FB Group Page. 


If you are interested, please send your email address to aheargministri[email protected].  And you will receive the complete details regarding the requirements to meet the qualification of the position of your choice above.

Telecast Announcers

Angel-heart Garrison Ministries also has a current opening for an Alternate Announcer before we bring back our weekly Wednesday afternoon "Live Prayer Call" teleconference. 



We are seeking 2 permanent volunteers who will alternate for effectiveness. 


Angel-heart Garrison Ministries is seeking an individual that would love to master their speaking skills; that may be interested in speaking on our weekly teleconferences; assisting me with these announcements, releasing the Facilitator to have more time to prepare, and prayerfully come into these lessons. 


If you are interested, please email your email address to [email protected].  And you will receive the details regarding the requirements to meet the qualifications of the position of your choice above.



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