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Posted on May 4, 2011 at 12:15 PM

As I was lying in bed at 3:00 a.m. this morning clearly hearing from God; because He was moving even faster than I could remember, He told me He’d give me time to turn over and get my pen and pad so that I could write this down.

He was telling me so many things, that when I heard the word “authentic” again on this early morning, I kept hearing Wil Smith saying the word, “authentic self”. As I listened more intently to my inner spirit, I realized where I’d heard that term. And I recalled, “BAGGER VANCE”.

In the movie, BAGGER VANCE, the character played by Wil Smith continually reminded this well-known Master Golfer that his problem was that he’d ‘lost his swing’.

He went on later in the movie to define what ‘losing his swing’ meant by explaining to the golfer that he’d become, in a sense, entangled in the cares of the world through his “past” and ‘lost his swing’. And, in order to get it back, relying on a particular club to bring him back to his old professional self was not how he’d overcome; he had to focus on finding his “authentic” self.

And there was that word again.

And then the words started running through me like water. That’s how God speaks to me sometimes. Sometimes I hear His voice speaking to me in the wind flowing through my body. I hear His voice speaking to me in a still small voice in my ear. I hear Him speaking directly to me in every word, with His breath in my face. I hear His voice stirring in my sleep, waking me up to write the vision and make it plain. Oh, yes, God speaks to me whenever and however He so chooses.

And so He explained to me, this morning, that ‘your authentic self’ is that person you were originally purposed to be when you were born. And in order to find that authenticity, you must release control to your spiritual self, that spirit man I’m always talking to you about in my teleconferences.

In one respect here you are surrounded by others in Ministry, on your job, jobless, at the hairdressers’, wherever you are; yet you are an individual seeking direction on this new level where you have just recently been planted.

Nobody has the same purpose. Everyone is unique. You may be called to do something that someone else has done; yet, you are not called to do it the same way. Look at Moses and Joshua; Elijah and Elisha. Although they may have carried the same mantel; and though their bottom line mission was the same, they went about completing their tasks differently.

You are in a different place from anywhere you’ve ever been before; yet you are in the place where God has SET you for your divine purpose.

So, how do you know where to go, what to do next?

You are in your Purpose; therefore shouldn’t it just come “natural” to you?

Well, on this new level, things won’t operate quite the same; and you will find that it is not the club (or the mantel) that gives you the confidence to be a winner; it’s what’s inside you that must rise up like David when he realized that Sauls’ armor was not fitting for his battle; and the disobedience of Moses who lost his Mantel and did not fulfill his purpose.

But if you don’t know who you truly are; then you will also need to find your “authentic self” before you set out on this new level.

To find your own personal “authentic you”, you must go into that place in you where God speaks to you and you hear His still small voice speaking ONLY to you about YOU and His Will in YOUR life. His word says, my sheep know my voice. So, if you do, then you know it is Him speaking to you.

Consecration through Fasting & Prayer brings things more clearly into perspective.

Fasting & Prayer allows you to begin to see yourself as God sees you. For His word in Jeremiah 29:11 clearly states that He knows the Plans that He has for us; that they are good and not evil. Yet, if we want to know, we have to come to this place in Him where we humbly bow before Him and listen as He speaks life into our “authentic self” to:

1) Seek His face

2) Draw closer to the Father

3) Receive clear direction

4) Receive soundness of mind

5) Presence of vision (understanding, comprehension, perception)

6) Be endued with gifts required on this level

That on this new level, you are able to:

7) Be a Reflection of the Love of the Lord

8) Be a Reflection of the heart of the Father for His children

9) Lead others to the Father

10) Direct others on their Path of Purpose

11) Be an Example & Demonstrate the “Will of the Father”

12) Provoke and Inspire the love of Jesus Christ

13) Allow your walk to Encourage others to be like Jesus

14) Walk freely in the power and authority in Jesus’ name!

As we continue in our Fast today, let us fall before the Father and ask him for direction as we walk out in faith on this new level of blessing, restoration, & anointing to walk boldly in our Authority in His Plan in our Purpose!


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Joshua Chapter 1

I Kings

II Kings

I Samuel 17:34-40, 50

Numbers 20:7-12

Jeremiah 29:11

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