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Posted on May 2, 2011 at 4:59 PM

"The following is an excerpt from the Hindrances to Prayer Series, closing message on 4/27/11 by Prophetess Ramona Haswell.  To hear it in its' entirety, go to .

You’ve seen how when I was prophesying the Word of the Lord regarding ‘justifying & compromising’ and finding you ‘trustworthy’ in the example of the disobedience of Moses (Numbers 20:7-12 ) and the transfer of his mantel to Joshua.

You’ve seen the prophetic word of God through the mouth of His Prophetess come to vision through the obedience of the 5-fold mantel in healing and wholeness (blind eyes open, parts restored) when we talk about how the obedience of Ezekiel to speak (Ezekiel 37) put life back into a dead situation;

Today, You’re going to see the Prophetic Word of God through the mouth of His Prophetess come to manifestation as He wages war and begins to take back His sheep from unfaithful/untrustworthy Leaders through the example as the Israelites and Jehosophat (II Chronicles 20:15-22) watched God Wage War; and

Today, You’re going to not just see, but experience, first hand, the God of the Prophet Elisha in I Kings 18 put 400 prophets of Baal in their place.

You are going to see every hindrance in our series come together today;

and the end of it all, there is going to be breakthrough and deliverance from strongholds!!!

This day….will increase your faith to break strongholds and set you free!

We’re going to take back what the devil has stolen from you!!

And we’re going to give the Glory to God today!!!

If you have been with us from the beginning of this series, then you know that you cannot get your prayers answered without somebody having some kind of faith.

We’ve talked over and over about hindrances to prayer and how they can easily turn into strongholds if they are not put into subjection of our spirit man. Once again, and for the last time in this series, the definition of “strongholds” is:

Strongholds are:

(1) demonic afflictions that can be overcome by the weapons/armour given us in Ephesians, Chapter 6;

(2) demonic attachments where the sin problem is so bad in a particular area of one’s life, that there is a reduced capacity to resistance.

Reduced Capacity implies the inability to resist, where there is an awareness, but the one with the stronghold cannot break free of this, without deliverance.

Remember, for example, our discussion in this Section in our Hindrances to Prayer series, on "Fear": Fear is a (spiritual) darkroom that Satan or his imps (according to what level you are on) use to bring about sickness, disease, destruction and lack. These 'darts' lodge in our minds.

Soon, Satan uses that as a stronghold and you begin to ponder, meditate and consume yourself in these fearful (soulish - emotions) thoughts to the point that you allow Satan to come in with sickness and disease and ultimately destroy life.

Well, just like I told you last week, this teleconference today is going to be different from every teleconference you have been in so far with me.

I have prayed for these past 3 months, each time that we’ve joined together on this teleconference that your ears and eyes of understanding be opened to receive the Rhema revelation of the height, depth, length and breadth to comprehend just how much God loves you, so that His revelation word to you could be deposited into good soil and produce a great manifestation for victory in your prayer life to give Glory to God!

You can only get this through the “hearing” of the word of God to build your faith.

That’s why God has had me teaching you with a STEEL BOW RAKE!!! To bring you into a level of comprehension of the information that you have been being fed.

It changed your way of thinking.

He had me repeating myself to you so that His truth could attach itself to you and erase your old way of thinking.

Not just your thinking, but also your way of speaking into your own atmosphere.

What you believe or don’t believe will keep you from getting the answers to your prayers!!!

So I teach you the “undistracted” word.

By not allowing others to talk while I am teaching.

By not allowing others to interrupt on this conference.

I know there are people who have come in and out of these teleconferences and left notes on the board wondering why they can’t speak on the line. Obviously they came in late and did not hear the introduction to know that there would be no distractions or interruptions on this line.

Meditation on the word is necessary for you to get victory in your life…not just your prayer life…but in your life!!! A Victorious, Abundant Life!

Jesus said, “I come that you may have life and have it more abundantly”

I don’t have milk for you.

I have been feeding you meat. And I have given you meat week after week; a little at a time, as God has led me to do, for you to digest what you have heard!!!

Today! Today, on God’s orders, we are in a WAR that He proclaimed!

God is is taking territory!!!

I recently learned that in the book of Zachariah, there is an angel that “measures” territory to figure out if there has been ‘diabolical encroachment’. That’s the terminology that was used. And we’ve called on that Angel to measure the territory that has been stolen so that we make sure we get all that we are supposed to be taking back in this battle.

God started speaking to me about this, about 3 or 4 weeks ago.

It’s been all my heart could contain to hold back and not say too much; so the Lord has been allowing me to contact people and give them a personal one-on-one word.

A part of Him taking territory, one person at a time.

But He would not allow me to talk about the full revelation that He has put in me until today.

And even THAT revelation began to increase in me just yesterday, by a new birthing in me. My life was changed again, yet again on April 26, 2011 with a new birthing in me yesterday for this new level that God has placed me on.

We are IN battle today!!!

Revival is coming and we’ve gotta be ready!


The Lord has been preparing me for this particular place on the battleground, WHERE WE ARE today!!!

Day after day since He began speaking this to me, I’ve anointed my head, my hands, and my feet!!

I am prayed up!!! You know I've fasted and prayed!!

And I am ready to do this thing that God has called me to do!!

God said “it is done!”

It’s time to wage War!

Get ready to win!

Get ready to take back what the devil has stolen from you today!!!

I have been many places in my wildernesses. I told you last week that God told me in a dream in 1998 that “He called me to be a student”. I learned that THAT meant that He was going to teach me some things out in the wilderness that I would receive a RHEMA REVELATION of that no man would be able to take away from me.

Do you know what I mean? Have you had that experience with the Lord before?

Well, like I said, He took me some places and showed me some things that awed and amazed me.

But He wanted me to see the familiarity in them so when I came out of the wilderness, I would recognize them when they crossed my path.

And He said, that I would understand more when I came out than I did while I was in.

I’m telling you now, why some of you are suffering and have not received your victories.

If you understand covering, then you understand that whatever church or ministry you are under, you receive the blessing of that ministry.

First of all He has revealed to me that there are many of you in ministry who have been teaching, consulting and ministering to people who have or have had demon spirits, unawares to you.

The Lord has revealed to me that some of those spirits have had an ‘opportunity’ and have been transferred to you.

If your church does not have an Intercessory Prayer Ministry in your church, you have been operating without the hedge of protection, the hedge of prayer that you need to be surrounded by.

I’m talking about you ministers and others that have been operating and consulting in the Marriage Ministry. Who have been operating in the Youth Ministry. Who have been leaders over the Homeless Ministries…laying hands on the ones that have had demons spirits that also have been transferred to you because, in this case, you were not consecrated and may have gone in without your armor or not covered in the Blood (of Jesus).

Understand what I am saying now.

I am getting many prayer requests from people throughout our nation who are considering walking away from ministry, overburdened, without strength to fight for themselves.

These people went into battle without armor and without prayer going before them.

Where was your Prayer Team?

Who was holding up your names before the Lord every day as you walked out on the spiritual battlefield?

II Chronicles 20:21 tells us that God sends the Praise team and the Prayer Team in before the warriors!

God is a God of order.

And I truly like that about Him.

He does things in order.

He shows us His order.

And He expects us to be and to operate in Order.

Some of you have gone out on the battlefield…. BEFORE the hedge of prayer surrounded you…

You were truly called in your Purpose; but you went out before, ahead of the Praise.

And then there are the others…

God showed me a long time ago, that I was not to allow just anyone to touch me; and no one could ever lay hands suddenly on me.

I didn’t quite understand it then. I saw people all around me going up to be ministered to and get hands laid on. But I was not allowed to do that on many occasions.

Yes, there were those that the Lord led me to go up to and those ministers always confirmed “why” they were doing what they were doing. No one ever laid hands on me without talking to me and giving me confirmation.

God showed me in a dream how I was to lay hands on those that may try to lay hands suddenly on me.

And basically, I thought he was talking about witches and people in divination and the occult.

But I have seen coming out of my wilderness, what I saw in that vision,… these same spirits operating in the pulpits.

Some pulpits, not all.

I’ve even stood before some ministers who recognized this hedge that God had surrounding me, and they told me face to face that they could not touch me, I belonged to God.

I didn’t understand then. And I don’t know if they even understood. But they were obedient to the word of the Lord.

And then there were those who in their arrogance saw this hedge around me, and in their arrogance tried to transfer their anointing to me, and fell to their knees in tears, when they could not perform the assignment of satan (from the pulpit) against me.

The Lord revealed to me much later, that it was the truth and the pure light in me that caused them to fall to their knees; it was the true blood covering, protection of Jesus that caused them to fall in their own guilt; for they knew they’d be caught in their sin. They saw Jesus in me.

II Chronicles 20:15-17 tells me that my Praises and my faith goes before me knowing that this battle is not mine. For my God, Jehovah Nissi has waged war on satan and his imps because of you!!

He’s taking YOU back.

YOU are His territory!

He’s told me that I am the voice, that speaks forth prophetically;

However, Jehovah Nissi has spoken in my spirit that the battle is not mine but His!!!!

But you see, I am not talking about me.

I am talking about the anointing of God on the endtime call on me.

You see, I keep telling you that God has positioned a group called out of the wilderness; and gave you the example of the transfer of Moses mantel to Joshua who came out of the wilderness…

He’s doing it again, We’re called the Elijah Generation, coming with fire Arising in this end time; we’re as the song says, “forerunners of Jesus”, “voices in the wilderness, preparing the way,” for God’s final revival; the “Generation that is seeking His face” only. We’re here teaching you the things of the Lord and Prophesying in the atmosphere, “Thus saith the Lord!”

To read more, this Prophetic Word is continued at:

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