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Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart!

Posted on November 24, 2011 at 1:00 PM



Today is a traditional day set aside by America to be a day of thanks; to give thanks to the Lord for the bountiful blessings that we have received of family and friends.


As I was lying in my bed this morning, looking back at years of “Thanksgivings Past”, I was drawn to remember Thanksgiving with my husband and children at times when we were homeless, living in hotels. We had made a premature move from one place to another and found ourselves living in temporary conditions in order to keep our children in a particular High School when we moved to Temecula Valley.


You might think that then we would have been depressed and sorrowful during the holidays; however, I remember those days to be ones in which I gave God the most thanks with a grateful heart for a warm bed and a roof over, at the least, my children’s heads. We may not have had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner but we were blessed more than others to have our loved ones right there with us in good health and happy.


However; one year I do remember when we shared our Thanksgiving Dinner at the A-1 Truck Stop in Ontario, CA. I tell you truckers have it good during the holidays when they have to be away from home! It was one of the best Thanksgivings because it came with all the trimmings of a thanksgiving dinner (from the turkey to the cranberry sauce and cornbread) and the food tasted all of ‘home cooking’. That was a memorable Thanksgiving!


Most of you who think you know me and all I have been through, don’t know the half of it; that’s mainly why I write my personal books under a pseudonym (Angel-heart Garrison); to protect you.


All that my children and I have been through; (as the word of God tells us, God will take the bad and turn it all for good for those who love Him and are called unto His purpose) have been my tests and trials of learning how to be the Missionary that I have been called to be as Founder & Visionary of ANGEL-HEART GARRISON MINISTRIES; that I can say to you, from experience, with empathy, “I understand what you are going through” and will do all that God gives me to do to help you process through your trial without having to endure the pain and sufferings that I may have had to persevere through.


Yet, and even though I have had hardships and pain, I can still fall on my knees, turn over in my bed, lay on my face, stand in line at the grocery store, at any moment and express my gratitude - out of my mouth, unto the Lord with a grateful heart. For He has been so good to me!


We have been ungrateful in thanking God for all the undeserved favor that we have as a Nation. It’s sad to say that the most blessed nation in the world, America, has allowed turkeys and black Fridays to overshadow the original true purpose of this day.


As I look back over this year 2011, I am reminded of what we as a nation experienced and were saved from, in this year alone; all the turmoil and catastrophes that we watched or endured during 2011 in America or other nations in the form of floods, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, black outs, hurricanes and tsunamis alone. And yet we are still standing. But, yet and still, there are those who have found nothing to be thankful for during this holiday season.


I give Thanks unto God that brought us through it all; who saved the souls of the lost to give opportunity to find Him and have eternal life.


This nation has been experiencing downward spiral in our economy; from losses of homes, jobs, retirement, and medical insurance, which has questioned our own self-respect. Yet when we look around, we don’t see that we are still living better than most small world countries.


We must overcome the spirit of entitlement and begin to realize that America (whose God is the Lord) was blessed to be the “hope” of other nations. And yet when in our hour of “just enough”, we complain and murmur at God when we look at our cupboards and Thanksgiving budget and look back to “Egypt” for garlic and herbs; the days of more than enough, the days where we operated in our own lusts. As ‘things’ that we have hoarded among ourselves are being removed from the picture, the emptiness must now be filled with the truth that we “deserve” nothing and everything that we have comes from God out of His own Grace & Mercy.


As you enjoy your day of thanks today among family and friends, remember those who don’t have what you have; even if all you have is rice and beans.


Give thanks, with a grateful heart on this Thanksgiving Day.


Psalm 100:4 encourages us to: Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, [and] into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, [and] bless his name.


Have a Memorable & Blessed Thanksgiving Day!

Prophetess Ramona

Founder & Visionary

Angel-heart Garrison Ministries

[If you find some spare time in your day today, please follow the link and listen to our Wednesday, 11/23/11 Thanksgiving message entitled, "Let us Give Thanks Unto the Lord". I guarantee you will be blessed of the Lord. (It buffers a bit in the beginning, but be patient, Praise the Lord, the entire message is without interruption.)]

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